Remember, The Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT?  It was a tragedy and many young children where massacred by an insane shooter named Adam Lanza.  Newtown has been trying to cope with this tragedy, and recently voted to accept a state grant to demolish the old school building and rebuild a new one.

A local NBC affiliate rand this story: Newtown Votes Yes to Money for Sandy Hook Elementary 

Well, there’s the end of the sanity, because here comes the Sandy Hook Truthers:


First, they should be required to PROVE that the shooting, and the alleged deaths, actually happened. Then the local school district, not the state, or the Feds, should pay for any replacement school.

Yes, prove that you r children are dead!  Dig up their graves and show me their bones!  And even then, you don’t get the money!  Because money is real, and your dead kids are not!


sandy hook is snd was a hoax it was a fema drill all with actors..Wake up sheep„„

At least he didn’t call us sheeple„„


It was never proven anyone named Adam Lanza existed. It was never proven the building was an operational school. I do not believe for a second Natalie Hammond took four bullets. There is no way a person can be shot four times and be walking around perfectly healthy a few weeks later. If they want tax dollars to pay for a building then show us the evidence a shooting took place. Besides with the government shutdown and no money to fund Obamacare where is the money for the building going to come from?

Not only did none of this happen, but that building you are tearing down is evidence that it was never a school in the first place!  And since the Federal Government is shut down, how is the State of Conneticut going to pay for this AND Obamacare?!!!  Huh!   Well, how is it?  Don’t you dare tell me that is three separate thoughts.


You people are SICk!!! You think that by putting this FAKE sad story in your news feed is going to work on us. You are sadly those of you STILL unaware of the basis of this made up story I strongly suggest you do your homework and review the evidence making it FACT that this is b.s. I figure it is a way to keep us (USA) in a state of depression or you just want us to hand over our guns,not happening hommie. It sickens me that we the people are so naive.

I nearly missed this comment, because I thought it was a normal person condemning internet crazies.  But no, turns out it’s the ramblings of a mad woman yelling at the media for trying to brainwash us into giving up our guns.  You know, the usual.


"I cannot and will not get past all of the questions that remain from that day, the contradictory testimony, the bizarre behavior of public officials and people interviewed. Officials there in sandy Hook have avoided my request for an interview 4 times. Are there any of you out there who have indicted those who ask questions about this tragedy able to resolve ANY of the lingering mysteries regarding December 14th? How much research have you done into the events of that day, as well as the subsequent days, weeks and months? Or do you only require a sampling of tragedy from federally and state licensed media outlets to determine the validity of what is reported?

That school building is still a crime scene. Has it ever been inspected by any independent forensic specialists? As far as all of you moaning about your tax dollars being used…I had to laugh. Do you care that a good part of your pay is confiscated every Friday? Please, spare me the righteous indignation about misuse of public money. Did you know that taxpayers “contribute” over one BILLION dollars per year to that poor non-profit group known as the National Football League? Get over it. Not enough people care, or are too afraid of the IRS to have another tea party.”

This is the longest comment I have ever screencapped.  I want to save this for posterity, because it goes through all of the classic conspiracy comment tropes.

1. claims to be independent reporter

2.  says the entire media is controlled by the state/elites

3.  asks empty rhetorical questions

4.  throws in random oversimplified facts

5.  Alludes to patriotic history

Use these steps to make up your own insane conspiracy comments today!  And remember everything that ever happens on TV is a FALSE FLAG ATTACK perpetrated by the secret Jew government to take our guns.